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Hi there. Welcome to the site. Last year a group of us decided that a UK David Sylvian site was needed and this is the result. It isn't big but hopefully it has a few useful pages. All credit to John for his hard work on the site, Steve for his random information and tireless attendance of Sylvian gigs since 1985 and Steve and Nick's MP3 and studio wizardry.

We hope to give some pointers to Sylvian fans who would like to know more about David's music and expand their collections. Anything recommended is based on the opinions of no less than 40 fans. And as a note to record companies, all us fans are crying out for another official live CD and a DVD collection - we do not condone unofficial stuff but clearly Sylvian fans are interested in it so there must be a market.

If you would like to help us, have a look at sections such as the email addresses as any money we make goes straight back into the site and pays for more webspace and sounds - we are hoping to expand our sounds section with more downloads - hopefully soon.

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The following people need to be thanked for their support of this site:

Stefan Attrill

Sam Fox

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