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We have given these grades based on our own opinions and feedback from fans.  M refers to the quality of the music and N refers to how much you need to have this album in your collection!  (Marks are out of 10).  For further information on these have a look at the biography section.  



Brilliant Trees 

First solo album and recommended for songs such as 'Nostalgia' and 'Red Guitar'.  (M=8, N=8) 


Alchemy - An Index of Possibilities

A haunting instrumental collection.  (M=7, N=7) 


Gone to Earth 

A double album in its original form and including instrumental tracks.  A truly excellent album with wonderful songs such as 'Before the Bullfight' and 'Wave'.  (M=9, N=9)


Recommended:  Secrets of the Beehive

Possibly the best of Sylvian's albums - strong melodies, fantastic musicians and some of the best songs he has written.  Includes the short and moving 'September' and arguably his best ever track 'Orpheus'.  If you want one album , get this.  (M=10, N=10)


Plight and Premonition  

Atmospheric instrumental with Holgar Czuckay.  (M=7, N=8)


Flux and Mutability 

Atmospheric instrumental with Holgar Czuckay.  (M=7, N=7)


Rain Tree Crow 

The celebrated Japan reunion - stunning tracks, great production.  Includes the excellent 'Blackwater' and 'Cries and Whispers'.  (M=9, N=9)


The First Day 

David Sylvian in a more edgy mode with Robert Fripp - includes 'Jean the Birdman'.  (M=7, N=7)



Sylvian and Fripp live - this is the only live album he has released though it is quite different from his other live work.  (M=8, N=7)


Dead Bees on a Cake 

Back as a solo artist with a great range of thoughtful tracks including 'I surrender' and 'Wanderlust'.  (M=8, N=8)


Approaching Silence  

A meditative album with a wonderful atmosphere.  (M=7, N=7) 


Recommended:  Everything and Nothing

A definitive collection of Sylvian's music on two CDs.  Includes new recordings and even music from the 'Japan' days - worth it for rarities and new versions alike.  A must-have CD.  (M=9, N=10)


Damage re-issue 

Sylvian decided to re-mix Damage from his own perspective - an interesting difference and perhaps this is the one to get.  (M=8, N=8)



A stunning, largely instrumental, compilation with wonderful shades of dark and light.  (M=8, N=8)



The new album bristles with stark electronica - deeply personal and thoughtful.  (M=7, N=8)



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