ebay reviews  

There are obviously various places you can buy Sylvian merchandise but one popular one is ebay.

Here we feature our thoughts on ebay trading and what to look out for.

Ebay trading

Recommended traders


We include this only because  we think ebay works well and is generally a good place to find Sylvian rarities.

You can get hold of collectable such as photographs, autographs, CDs and DVDs.

Look for David Sylvian

Simply set up an ebay account and start bidding.  Always look at sellers' 'feedback' ratings which are comments from people who have bought or sold from them.  Don't be afraid to contact them too.

Register on eBay

Payment is usually by cheque or Paypal.  Paypal is a brilliant system for paying by credit card and costs the buyer nothing!  It is totally secure and used by millions.  Have a look at it here.

You should try to buy official stuff whenever possible but the record companies have been bad at releasing Sylvian's live work and video material.  You can get hold of these kind of collectables but they do tend to be unofficial.

Traders include:

Franklygth - a few unofficial but good DVDs.

Melsam0 - a small range of Sylvian collectables.

Orpheussleeps - various Sylvian collectables.

Sylvankiss - sends out several CDs each month to fans.




Contact us with comments



Please contact us with your thoughts about traders. There are some bad traders and bad products around.

Watch out for poor quality live recordings which are taken straight from audience minidisc recordings with no attempt at remastering - they can sound muffly and may have annoying amounts of audience noise.

Watch out for anyone who is selling 'second generation' CDs that have been developed by others - check out their ebay feedback to see that they have sold similar stuff in the past.

On that note - try to buy official stuff in addition to unofficial stuff where possible - artists like David Sylvian deserve our support.  There is, nevertheless, a huge amount of joy to be had from a memorable live recording.

Whenever you trade, find out as much about the product as possible and if you are buying live stuff ask for a sound sample or reference from someone who has bought the product previously.

And please keep us informed so we can tell the world ....