E-mail addresses  

How would you like to have a me@david-sylvian.co.uk e-mail address?

We also have david@sylvian.me.uk and sylvian@orpheus.co.uk

It is just an idea that a few could share in this limited address - just 50 will be used for each domain name.  The money goes to fund a small group of friends who enjoy Sylvian's music and to pay for this site.

All names are still available.

How does it work?

You buy the right to use the name for 18 months - this can then be extended for a further payment if you wish.  (orpheus.me.uk and sylvian.me.uk are also available)

You do not have to change your current e-mail address.

The david-sylvian address will automatically forward to your current address.  You will not be able to use the david-sylvian address to send mail but you will be able to give it out for mail to be sent to you.

Once you have chosen your name and paid, you simply send us your current e-mail address and we set up the address so that all mail to your david-sylvian address goes to you.  It is merely a forwarding address - the messages come nowhere near us.

You may change your forwarding details once for free in the 18 month period.

What do you do now?

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Someone who has done it -

Nick bought nick@david-sylvian.co.uk

He paid for the name, informed us of his current e-mail address and we set up the forwarding account.

He uses his usual address for sending mail but is now able to use nick@david-sylvian.co.uk as a general address to give out or even print on cards and letters.

E-mails take no longer to arrive, it is just one tiny extra step they take but it is still direct from the sender to him.

He was pleased enough to buy a name as a present for someone.

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