Some excellent clips here and we've been given a brilliant recording of 'When Poets Dreamed of Angels' performed in Bristol this September.    Download it here.  If you could also vote and tell us your favourite Sylvian track, we will see if we can put some more live versions on here in the future.

Have a listen to some of these wonderful live clips .....

Live 1   -     Ghosts, OrpheusThe Boy with the GunThe Good Son

Live 2    -    Nightporter,  The Other Side of Life, Blue of Noon

'95 Before the BullfightGhostsPulling Punches 

2003    -    The Good SonThe Other Side of LifeWorld Citizen

More information and how to get the full versions

All sounds are MP3s and most are around 15 seconds.  The sound is quite accurate but obviously not quite CD quality on these edits. 






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